Construction house budget

Defining the budget for the construction of a house entails many important details, mainly responsible for the success in building results. The more information you have about the type of property you want to build, the closer you will be to the actual budget value that you will need to implement your project.

Generally, the final budget for the construction of a house is the result of the sum of the values ​​corresponding to the architectural project, materials and qualified labor. This summary list excludes some steps that are understood to be resolved, such as buying land and paying your taxes.

To this value it is also valid to add some economic margin for possible material losses that may occur during transport or handling of the same.

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An easy way to obtain an estimate of costs for construction of a house is to consider the idealized characteristics for this house: from the area of ​​the land, pavement area, number of rooms, bathrooms, construction technique, etc. However, only an architect or engineer will be able to accurately define the built area and the expenses to start the building.

If you intend to buy the construction material yourself, keep in mind some tips to avoid unnecessary expenses and increase your budget.

The brick, for example, must be purchased based on the actual measurement of the wall, undiscounted doors and windows. The amount of bricks that you will have to buy will depend on the dimensions of each one. In buildings of medium or low pattern, the structure is usually made of concrete and ceramic brick, in high quality construction, the bricks used are solid and they change all the finishing material.

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The mortar is made of lime, sand and water, it becomes a resistant material, but less firm than concrete. Depending on the type of brick, you will need approximately 10-14 kilos per square meter.

When buying cement, avoid buying too much to be used for many days, as over time, the material hardens and cannot be used. Buy what you need for 15 days.

As for floors and tiles, you must calculate the actual area but removing the measurements of doors and windows. The tiles with designs have greater loss than the smooth ones, once you have to fit the drawing correctly. Calculate a small amount of rapier, to use in the future, after some eventual arrangement.

As for the soil, the larger the plate, the greater the loss. To buy the inks that will be applied to the walls you must calculate the height by the length, discounting doors, windows and doors.

  • Construction house budget

With these tips you can take the first steps to get a budget for the construction of your home, without having to bring displeasure in the middle of the work. That way, you can also accompany every detail of the construction and make sure that the final result will be exactly as you planned.