Build a house with little money

Building a home from scratch can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a family. Living in a house that has never been occupied by other residents gives a different feeling. But times are tough and building a house can be very expensive. Use these tips to save as much money as possible by building the house of your dreams.

Negotiate the bricks

When talking about building materials, few things can be similar to bricks in terms of elegance, strength and durability. But brick is one of the most expensive materials, which is why many people choose to buy something cheaper. However, because the brick is used for structural integrity, you can use what is called fine brick, which is 1/3 the depth of a common brick and costs much less. Using this brick provides the outward appearance and beauty of a brick without the exorbitant cost.

Plans of the house

Do you have the perfect house in mind but are afraid that the cost of drawing it is high? Then a flat already made of a house can be what you need. Many builders have plans available for you to choose from. Find one that resembles the house you have in mind and can save you thousands of dollars. In the end, you may find that plane is more practical than the house you had in mind.

Be your own general contractor

If you have some knowledge about construction, being your own general contractor can save you a lot of money. Of course, you must make some sacrifices. You must be a long time in the work place, you must ask for the materials and you will be in charge of all the constructors who will be making your house. It is not an easy task, but if you have the time and skills, the savings will make the effort worthwhile.

Build plants

One of the biggest costs of buying a new home is the land and the base on which the house will be built. If you want a large house, it is advised to build “up”. A 2000-foot (609.6 m2) two-story house will cost less than a one-story house with the same amount of square footage. While you are thinking about building a house with several floors, also keep in mind to keep the construction lines simple and simple. The complex geometry in the design of a house will cost much more than the traditional forms.

Paint it yourself

Do you want to save between $ 5000 and $ 10,000? Paint the house yourself. Gather your family or friends and paint the entire house on a weekend. You can save on materials, paint and, most of all, labor. In addition, you’ll be less tempted to pay for “extras” that the paint company will try to sell you to maximize your profits.