Attraction of investments in construction

In the function of the customer includes support for investment construction projects. When managing investment projects throughout the whole cycle of preparation for construction and construction, the customer optimizes expenses, monitors the deadlines for the execution of design works, the collection of IRDs, and the receipt of construction permits. At construction works, starting from the pit and finishing with the technical equipment of the building, the customer monitors the quality of works and materials, the documentation for the cost of construction.

Investment in construction projects

Support of investment projects includes the analysis of risks existing for the investor, taking into account the current town planning documents, master plans, calculations of the economic effect of construction, as well as:

  • Expertise of primary documents (property certificate, cadastral documents, land lease agreement, etc.)
  • Economic expertise of new construction projects, as well as reconstruction of existing buildings
  • Marketing, determining the appropriateness of choosing an object’s purpose
  • Assistance in attracting investments in construction projects
  • Management of the construction project at all stages of development

Attracting investments in the construction of your facility taking into account the variety of operational experience of the buildings built.

Principles of work on attracting investments in construction

The project, be it the idea of ​​building a building, a draft design, a description, should be checked for compliance with the following principles of investment in construction:

  • Technical and legal feasibility – the project must correspond to the purpose of the land plot, construction norms, architectural norms, physical parameters of the land plot.
  • Viability and recoupment – market research should lead to a positive forecast for the project, the calculations must confirm the project payback, the compliance with social parameters of the environment and location, as well as the workload of competing existing facilities, is investigated.
  • The possibility for changes, as the situation remains stable only in the intervals of 5-7 years, the object of commercial construction should have reserves for a partial change in purpose, adaptation, adaptation to changing conditions in a particular place.