Additional costs transparency instead of bad surprises

It is done: the client has agreed with the builder, and the bank has also agreed to the loan. He can now look forward to the completion of the new dream house … until suddenly at all corners additional costs arise! These can become a problem for the builder, especially if there are insufficient additional reserves and the company has its own capital. So pay attention to what your building company really offers!

It is only rarely worthwhile

Only a few people are fortunate enough not to have to pay attention to the cost of housing and the associated additional costs. As a rule, builders have to calculate, plan and compare exactly. This also applies if you work with a general contractor and buy a house for the “full price”. Because offer is not the same offer, and often turns out in the end, that you have to pay off just at the supposedly cheap “bargain”.

It depends on the details

High-quality building materials, implementation by the expert – at first sight, the offer for which the builder has chosen seems to be perfect. The first surprise comes with the authorities: the costs for building permits and displays are not included in the offer, nor is the land register entry. And on the construction site, too, the items that were not included were added: a land survey was suddenly necessary and cost more than 700 euros, and even clearing work or the removal of the excavated earth had to be paid for in addition.

In such cases, ancillary costs reach dimensions which require a further visit to the bank. And it can quickly happen that the consultant who is positively voted in the first conversation suddenly shakes his head, or asks for high interest rates.


It is important that builders carefully study the performance descriptions of the various providers and, if in doubt, consult a specialist, especially if you are building for the first time and do not know all the subtleties.

In order to offer real cost-effectiveness to builders, a complete offer should include the following:

  • Planning services: free planning, building application, drainage planning, statics
  • Energy standard according
  • Surveying services for official management plans, fine and coarse measurement
  • Processing of all necessary administrative procedures
  • Construction supervision by TUV inspection
  • Completion of a building and building liability insurance
  • Security guarantee
  • Qualified site management
  • Complete construction site equipment (supply and consumption of construction water,
  • Construction site, construction WC and protective framework

For all work to be carried out from building excavation to interior furnishing you should ensure that all necessary services are listed.