Construction costs for a multi-family house

The construction costs for a multi-family house consist of various cost factors. The costs for the property are also included here.

When building a house, builders can quickly lose sight of the construction costs. Especially the small items are often not taken into account. In sum, these costs can be a significant factor.

  • Overview of the construction costs

The pure construction costs are made up of the production costs and the land costs both in the single-family house and in the multi-family house. Both cost types include some obvious items, such as those for the material and some items that builders often overlook.

The cost of production includes the cost of materials and the costs for craftsmen. Planning and approval costs must also be taken into account. Among other things, fees are charged for surveying the property in order to mark the boundaries of the building.

In addition to the purchase price, the property often also needs to be paid for construction costs. In addition, notary fees, possibly brokerage commissions, costs for entry into the land register and basic income tax.

While the costs of production can be quite easily surpassed and can be influenced by the furnishing of the building, this is different for the costs of the land. These depend primarily on the location of the property and its size. Both are a question of the current market. Builders must ultimately take what is available.

  • Calculation of the costs for a multi-family house

The construction of the building, including the interior, is about 950 euros per square meter of usable floor space. The construction trips are higher, if a higher quality equipment is desired.

In terms of good rental ability of the apartments, a medium quality is reasonable. The costs are between 1,200 and 1,300 dollars per square meter. These prices refer exclusively to the construction of the building and the interior.


For example, to build a house with a usable area of ​​480 square meters with eight residential units of 50 square meters each, 576,000 dollars of production costs are incurred.

In addition, a plot of approximately 1,000 square meters is necessary. Depending on the housing situation, 200 to 1,000 dollars per square meter are to be paid for this, i.e. 200,000 to 1,000,000 dollars.

The basic purchase tax due on the purchase price varies between 3.5 and 6.5 percent, depending on the state. In addition, a cost of between 25 and 75 euros per square meter is to be expected. For the surveying and the entries in the land register are about 5,000 euros.

Therefore, builders must have an additional cost of about 237,000 to 288,000 euros in addition to the pure production costs. The costs for the land have a significant influence on the construction costs and are hardly influenced by the owner.

  • The site should also be included in the cost calculation

At least one third of the total construction costs for a multi-family house is caused by the cost of the building site.

In the case of packages, builders must carefully check whether all costs are included. From 1.200 euros cost per square meter, will quickly 1.800 euros and more, if all costs are taken into account.