5 Tips before building a commercial in your home

If you are thinking or already have decided to build for commercial purposes it is healthy before making the pertinent consultations before putting the first brick.

If you still do not build, to consider feasibility you should have these minimum basic tips and keys to avoid a short-term headache.

  • Revaluation of the property: if the property has no plans and must be done involves a revaluation. The addition of a local for the province of Buenos Aires is a plus in taxes to that property (house + local / local)
  • The municipal viability: verify if the items of interest are consistent with the zoning in which your property is.
  • Generate the work file: it seems basic but it is the point that many jumped or do not know. Before building commercial enablement file must be presented with what is built and what will be built. It is not a simple procedure and is done by a professional architect. It may take several months, but the investment of time and effort in the of this step is very well seen (to do it the other way around)
  • Planning BEFORE building: making a blueprint and project with a professional means improving costs and times. Maybe you already have the idea, it’s probably good or there are better solutions. The professional who is in the subject has a broad vision (legal, technical, administrative, safety, costs, materials, etc.) that should be contemplated as it is who is responsible not only for the project but also for the management of the work.
  • Requirements of the type of intervention: it comes from the hand of the above and from the interaction with the professional. Often the intervention of the family by own means to have skipped municipal and provincial codes and codes that generate fines and costs not thought. Keep in mind that you may want to rent it later and it becomes devious to regularize issues that were not contemplated.