Budget construction of houses

For the construction of a single-family home, or in short the construction of houses in general, it is very important to have a firm, serious, concrete and detailed budget, for this we must follow several steps. should lead us to achieve efficiently our goal and what is more important with the peace of mind that gives us the knowledge that we will achieve without wearing out excessively.

It is important to think that we must hire professionals to do their work, detaching ourselves from decisions and / or tasks that do not correspond to us, being able to devote our time to our normal activity.

Always bearing in mind that the construction of a single-family home, normally, we will do it once in a lifetime, and that it must be “a tailored suit” according to our needs, tastes and availability.

  • Have identified what our needs and tastes are. A plant or two, basement for garage, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, dressing room, terraces and the location, allocate area of ​​iron and laundry, and approximately the surface of each room. Likewise the constructive tastes and tendency, modern construction, inclined tile roofs, construction of traditional houses, etc.
    Search several ideal plots for the construction of houses, which by location and geometry of the plot itself adapt to our needs and tastes (take into account proximity of services, schools, work, communications, transport). Visit them and get to know the owners, as well as the prices of each of them. It is important to be able to get extra information about these plots in the cadaster.
  • Hire the services of an architect or office of architecture, once you have decided who will be your architect, with the data of point 1 and the different plots that you have seen, he should advise you as to which can best adapt to your needs, and which plot may have greater possibilities, take into account the environment, the orientation, the nature of the land, the health services and existing supplies, etc. They are very aware that the hiring of a good Architect and team for the technical direction is essential for everything to go well
  • Once the purchase of the plot has been undertaken, the Architect must carry out the execution project, remembering that it is “a tailor-made suit”. It is therefore convenient to hold the meetings necessary for the Architect to reflect the project (memory, plans and measurements). as accurate, concrete and detailed as possible (distribution, design bathrooms and shower trays , kitchen). In the future this will save a lot of problems with the annoying “extras”, likewise, the builders will have a good base to prepare a good budget and you will know at all times and from the beginning the economic amount to which the construction of the house.
  • Contact with different constructors , we recommend no less than 3 and a maximum of 6, send them a copy of the project and demand that everyone assess the project measurements exactly the same, this will give you a very real perception of the total amount of the work, since all will have valued the same items, concepts and quantities. Remember that in reforms we have a large directory of professionals to which you can ask for a budget for the construction of houses.